Adobe Photoshop CC is one of the most powerful graphic design program for editing, manipulating, compositing, retouching and enhancing images to provide creative solutions. A very essential program for successful and aspiring designers and many other creative professionals as well as anyone who wishes to modify and enhance images. This training is designed for individuals to take essential understanding of most basic to advance feature of Adobe Photoshop CC through step by step instructions, classroom exercises and discussions. Explore techniques, gain an understanding about the program and make use of it for image composites and layout, image repair and color enhancement, as well as preparing your output for printing purposes.

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PHOTOSHOP CC 2020 WORKSHOP – (Basic to Advance Designing)




  • Photoshop CC Introduction
  • Raster/Bitmap vs. Vector graphics

Photoshop Interface

  • Photoshop Interface Tour
  • Customizing toolbar
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus
  • Saving a shortcut for most often used tools
  • Panels and Workspace

Open and Creating Documents

  • Open documents directly from Photoshop
  • Open documents using Adobe Bridge
  • Adobe Bridge Overview
  • Create New document for print and screen
  • Understanding resolutions
  • Understanding color modes
  • Saving documents and working files
  • File formats essentials

Managing Documents and Navigation

  • Viewing with different screen modes
  • Working with multiple documents
  • Image navigation
  • Zooming and Panning Documents
  • Using navigator panel


  • Layer panel
  • Learning layer stacking order
  • Duplicate layer
  • Adjust layer opacity
  • Grouping, Merging and Flattening Layers
  • Working with clipping mask on layers
  • Layer mask essentials

Working with Selection

  • Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool
  • Combine, subtract and intersect selection
  • Using  Lasso Tool
  • Magic wand and Quick select
  • Using the select and mask to refine a hard edge object
  • Using select and Mask to refine a soft edge
  • Using Color Range for selection
  • Turn selection to layer mask

Image Transform Essentials

  • Scale using Image Transform
  • Rotate Using Image Transform
  • Skew / Distort Using Image Transform
  • Warping Images
  • Using Puppet Warp
  • Using Perspective Warp

Gradient and Layer Blend Modes

  • Blend Image using Gradient
  • Blend modes to layers

Essential Layer Styles and Effects

  • Applying layer effects  and styles

Crop and Adjust

  • Using the Crop tool
  • Crop and Straighten Crooked Image
  • Auto-fill with Content-Aware Crop
  • Using the Perspective Crop Tool
  • Resizing the Canvas Size

Color Adjustments and Corrections

  • Understanding Tonality
  • Understanding Histogram and its use
  • Using brightness and Contrast
  • Color intensity adjustment using vibrance
  • Bringing Colors to dull image using Hue and Saturation
  • Making more colors using vibrance
  • Change color with a pantone color and Hex code

Adjustment Layer

  • Adjust layer overview
  • Limiting adjustment with layer mask
  • Clipping adjustment layer

Essential Filters

  • Essential Filter Overview
  • Applying filters using smart filters
  • Tilt shift, iris and field blur effects
  • Motion effects for moving objects
  • Traditional drawing effect using filter gallery
  • Sharpen image

Camera Raw

  • Camera Raw overview and introduction
  • Camera Raw Interface
  • Editing raw and jpeg files
  • Applying Camera Raw as filter
  • Editing Multiple Raw files

Vector Shapes

  • Creating and Modifying shapes
  • Adding Strokes, Fills, and Effects on shapes
  • Draw path using Curvature Pen Tool
  • Convert path to shape
  • Pentool Essential

Create and Format Text

  • Point type and Area type
  • Using leading, kerning,  and tracking
  • Creating  text on a path
  • Creating text on a shape
  • Finding character with the Glyphs panel
  • Font tips and tricks

Essential Brushes

  • Using Brush Tool
  • Using Color replacement brush tool
  • Mixer brush tool

History Panel and Actions

  • Multiple Undo and the History panel
  • Create and apply actions


  • Understanding non-destructive retouching
  • Using Content-Aware fill, move, and scale
  • Using clone stamp
  • Using healing brush and spot healing brush
  • Fixing Red eye
  • Dodge tool and burn tool
  • Sponge tool
  • Smudge tool
  • Blur and Sharpen tool
  • Skin color adjustment
  • Body enhancement using liquefy


  • Faded and Tainted photo restoration and color correction
  • Fixing fold marks, tears and cracks on old damage photo
  • Old photo colorization

Additional Tips

  • Useful websites for graphic resources
  • Tips on what to do next to reinforce learning


Schedule will be announced

Weekend Schedules: (2 sessions | 20 hours)

**Students shall receive:
• Comprehensive handouts for reference
• Certificate of completion

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