UV Printer

  • UV Cured Inks

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    UV Curable Ink for direct print on product – Black bottle Freecolor has formulated a line of UV curable inks, for use with our FC-UV4060, FC-UV6090, FC-UV1015 and FC-UV2513 printers. The ink cures when exposed to the built-in UV light on the printer, creating ultra-durable, vibrant full-color imprints on almost…
  • Free Color 4060 UV Printer

    FC-UV4060 PLUS UV-LED Direct to Substrate Printer Freecolor's FC-UV4060 PLUS is upgraded multifunctional uv printer ! This new technology combine UV curable inks and a built-in UV-LED lamp to produce vibrant full color and textured imprints that cure rock-solid on a huge variety of substrates, including dark and clear materials!…