Kaizer S HSLC-1410 Cutting And Engraving Machine 5x4ft

Kaizer S HSLC-1410 Cutting And Engraving Machine 5x4ft

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Application Of Industry:Model industry (construction model, aviation navigation model, wooden toys), the advertising industry, decorative, crafts gift industry, electronics and electrical appliances industries.and electric appliances, etc.



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◆Extensive material processing, smooth cutting edge and burr-free, avoid polishing, Processing high speed, high precision, less waste, high efficiency
◆Optional double laser heads cutting machine so that the exponential growth efficiency
◆Suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises in the mass production, and also suitable for small enterprises and individual processing.
◆The unique design of the new structure to support high-speed cutting, engraving, from low-end to high-end to meet the various product requirements
◆Unique intelligent predictive algorithm and improved control algorithm to ensure that processing speed, smooth and efficient
◆Operational speed, laser energy real-time tunable, and very easy for customers to operate
◆Cutting energy automatic compensation function, cutting greatly improved results
◆Using LAN interface, two-way communications, improved transmission speed and accuracy; One computer can controlled up to 254 laser equipment, greatly reduces customer investment and maintenance           costs

Related parameter
One laser head typeHSLC-1206HSLC-1209HSLC-1410HSLC-1610HSLC-1206-NHSLC-1209-NHSLC-1410-NHSLC-1610-N
Double laser head typeHSLC-1206/2HSLC-1209/2HSLC-1410/2HSLC-1610/2HSLC-1206/2-NHSLC-1209/2-NHSLC-1410/2-NHSLC-1610/2-N
Laser Type and PowerCo2 sealed laser tube,water-cooled,10.6 um 60W/90W/100W/130W
Work Size1190×5901190X8901390X9901590X9901200X6001200X9001400X10001600X1000
Engraving Scanning Speed25-30000mm/min
Cutting Speed25-10000mm/min
Laser Output Controlreal-timeadjustable
Highest Scanning Precision2500DPI
Graphics Format SupportDST、PLT、BMP、DXF、AI
Dichroic Cuttingreaches 256 colors to cut
Total Power1000-1500W


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