PRINTING MACHINES                                                                             

A3 Size Laminator                                                         1 month service warranty

Button Pin Press Machine                                            6 months service warranty

Quaff Heat Press Machine                                           6 months service warranty

Cuyi Heat Press Machine (All sizes)                           6 months service warranty

Cuyi 6-in-1 Heat Press Machine                                  6 months service warranty

Mug Press Machine (Heating motor only)                 6 months service warranty

Plate Press Machine (Heating motor only)                6 months service warranty

Cap Press Machine                                                      6 months service warranty

Maxtech Cutter Plotter                                                 6 months service warranty

Cuyi Cutter Plotter (MK630/MG630)                           6 months service warranty

Silhouette Cameo Cutter Plotter                                  1 year service warranty

Maxtech Heat Press Machine                                       6 months service warranty

PVC Die Cutter                                                               No warranty

Heating Pad                                                                   No warranty




Printer is covered with 2 years warranty based on the Manufacturers Terms and Conditions.

Note: Using of NON-GENUINE INK will automatically void the warranty of the printer.

Printer Model: _________________________

Serial No.: _____________________________

The following items are not covered of the warranty:

  • No power
  • No printout
  • Printer head (clog)
  • Paper jam
  • Ink-overflow
  • Software reset
  • General error
  • Cartridge (Canon Printer)
  • Physical damages



1. Machines must be returned to the nearest K1 Uniprint Enterprise Co. within 7-days from the date of purchase with the following terms and conditions.

  • Once proven that the defect was caused by mishandling and inappropriate use of machine the company reserves the right to void the warranty.
  • K1 Uniprint Enterprise Co. is not liable to the cost of transportation of the machine.
  • Replacement warranty is subject to investigation and evaluation.
  • In the event that the defect was detected after 7-days replacement warranty, we reserve the right to charge an applicable rate due to the extension of warranty.
  • Warranty card must be presented together with sales invoice.

2.Service warranty is applicable only within the specified period stated above from the date of purchase.

3.Warranty service is applicable only at Uniprint Store and not valid for On Site and Home Service.

4.Any physical damage and modification made with the machine will automatically void the warranty.

5.K1 Uniprint Enterprise Co. reserves the right to replace the parts with refurbished parts that is guaranteed in good condition.

6.K1 Uniprint Enterprise Co. will not provide a refund in any circumstances.

7.Replacement of the part does not extend or restart the warranty period.

8.Warranty card must be presented at all times together with the warranty card.

9.Warranty is applicable only for machines and not extended to the following:

  • Accessories
  • Cover manuals and packaging
  • Line cords and wiring
  • Batteries
  • Consumable items
  • Damage due to mishandling of the courier
  • Damage due to user mishandling and inappropriate use
  • Improper installation or operation
  • Loss of parts
  • Attempted repair of unauthorized person
  • Use of incorrect voltage
  • Power surge
  • Acts of god
  • Use of incompatible and defective accessories
  • Exposure to abnormally corrosive condition
  • Machine failure due to insect, pests and foreign object